DAC Docent Program


What are Docents?

Docent is a title given to persons who serve as guides and educators for the institutions they serve, usually on a voluntary basis.

The DAC docents is an all-volunteer committee that offer multiple programs. Docents share the joy and beauty of the arts with children, elders and all in between through the following offerings.

Docent Program Offerings

“Art in the Schools”

This program is for children from kindergarten through 8th grade. The docent program is presented in the classroom with information about the artists and their work. Then the docents let the children work on their own, developing an art project that reflects the artist that was presented.

Program curriculum correlates with Local, State and National Education Standards in CO and NM.

Selected Artists and Curriculum Aspects

Albert Bierstadt the Oregon trail



Albert Bierstadt – American landscape painter who gave Americans of the 1800’s a glimpse of the unknown West and the desire to become a part of it. (geography and social studies) 



alexander calder High Museum


Alexander Calder – American artist of the 20th Century whose playful mobiles added motion to the world of sculpture. (math and science)




salvador dalí swans reflecting elephants



Salvador Dali - Spanish Surrealist who used the painter’s canvas to depict images of dreams and the subconscious. (psychology)



leonardo da vinci mona lisa



Leonardo da Vinci – Italian Renaissance man, was one of the greatest painters in history as well as an architect, scientist, writer, sculptor and musician. (social studies, culture, and science)



Stanton Englehart 4



Stanton Englehart – Beloved Four Corners painter, is known for his large abstract landscapes. (social studies)



Frida Kahlo-The Frame



Frida Kahlo – Hispanic artist most recognized for self portraits. She used broad strokes and simple yet vivid color. (culture, social studies)



Jacob Lawrence, Story Teller



Jacob Lawrence – American painter known for telling the story of African American experience in America. (social studies)



georgia o'keeffe yellow sweet peas



Georgia O’Keeffe - American painter known for her Southwestern landscapes and beautiful flowers. (social studies and nature)



Pablo Picasso-Girl Before a Mirror



Pablo Picasso – Spanish Cubist painter changed the world of art and reinvented his own artistic style throughout his career. (geometry)






Frederic Remington – American artist of the 19th and early 20th Century brought the action, tension, and drama of the American West to life. (geography and social studies)



alfred stieglitz georgia o'keeffe hands



Alfred Stieglitz - American photographer who raised photography to an art form. (culture)


The Art of Navajo Weaving - Clara Sherman presents the traditional Navajo textiles and D. Y. Begay exhibits contemporary works. (culture and social studies).


Art Outreach in the Community

Docents also provide art outreach in the community through scheduled visits to senior centers and other organizations. Interested groups need to contact DAC Docents to schedule a visit 2 weeks in advance.

Tours of DAC Exhibits in the Barbara Conrad Gallery

This program provides students with an orientation to gallery behavior to help them gain a level of comfort in attending gallery exhibits throughout life. It provides a way for students to engage the art that they see and experience; the docents help the students learn to “look” at art. The program provides interactive learning experiences and hands-on art projects.

For more information, call (970) 259-2606 or email  docents@durangoarts.org to schedule a date and time for a docent visit.