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Portrait Drawing

with David Riedel
Saturday-Sunday, July 15 & 16 | 9am-4pm
$150 Members / $175 Non-Members + $30 Model fee paid on the first day

Ages 18+

In this workshop students will work from a live model and study how to create form and beautiful marks with the conte or hard pastel. The goal is to see the head as a solid, 3-dimensional object in space, and to understand how to choose the right information to convey this form. Students will learn how to make decisions that imply form from the myriad of choices possible. When the form is understood, the artist can make the subtle choices that convey the individual sitter.  This practice is about knowing which marks to make to create the forms we are seeing, and which to leave off.  The class will explore the wide variety of marks possible with the hard pastel or conte; a well-placed smudge, a flat plane or a precise fine line.

Instructor, David Riedel, will perform several demonstrations, intermixed with lecturing and will provide some handouts.  The poses will range from 25 to 50 minutes max. Emphasis will not be so much on completing a finished piece, rather to practice a way of seeing form.