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Thursday, March 9 at 5pm

in the DAC Theatre
ABMA_logoThe Durango Arts Center is excited to present to the public an original kinetic sculpture titled, A Brush with History on Thursday, March 9 at 5pm.  The artwork was created to celebrate the American Brush Manufacturers Association‘s (ABMA) 100th anniversary.

A Brush with History is a horse carousel constructed of a wide assortment of brushes and materials manufactured by ABMA member companies. DAC was awarded the Anniversary Interactive Museum Project grant to create the sculpture.

This special unveiling reception will be held at 5pm in the Theater, immediately following DAC’s free art history lecture series “Art In Context” with Judith Reynolds and Katherine Burgess, which starts at 4pm in the DAC Theater.


Throughout history brushes and horses have shared a common role as “workers,” making our lives easier. Carousels became popular at the turn of the century, at the beginning of the industrial revolution, when the American Brush Manufacturers Association was founded. This contemporary sculptural work was created using an array of the beautiful industrial and household brushes made by American Brush Manufacturers Association members in Canada, the United States and Mexico.  A Brush with History invites viewers to experience a kinetic work of art rooted in history, presented with whimsy by the Durango Arts Center.

Sculpture Concept and Design: Sandra Butler and Maureen May
Engineering: Ryan Good and Renata Martinez
Fabrication and Art Consultants: Shawn Lotze and Dave Claussen

Thanks to the many community members and artists who helped in creating this work.

Congratulations to the members of the American Brush Manufacturers Association on your centennial celebration!

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