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Journey Jars: Falling I, McKinnally Cove I, Charlotte Street, Falling II, McKinnally Cove II, 2012 Glass jar, handmade paper, pastel and natural materials

Journey Jars: Falling I, McKinnally Cove I, Charlotte Street, Falling II, McKinnally Cove II, 2012
Glass jar, handmade paper, pastel and natural materials

July 11-August 30 
Leslie Madigan shows “Gathered Spaces”
Opening reception Friday, July 11, 5-7 p.m. 

The exhibition titled Gathered Spaces explores our relationship to the land with created environments that record a collected individuality of a place. By gathering and assembling materials altered books, journey jars, and constructions are created to record a visit. The work covers the years of 2008 to 2013 from a residency in Ireland, travels in the United States and her home in the Hudson Valley north of New York City.

The elements in this body of work contain the essence and physicality of a visited place: the act of touching, moving and gathering indigenous materials. Our relationship to the land is a commonality we all share. We conduct our lives on common ground; these worlds meet and cross to create a record of collected individuality that stays present in a place.

By collecting and assembling a record of a visited environ, this work gives the viewer a moment of contained time with a connection to a specific environment. In a search for the idyll, the book format suggests a transfer of knowledge, a return to the order and awareness of the natural world.

Madigan will present a short talk after the opening at 7 p.m. on the “Beginnings…1978-1988.” Madigan (formerly Leslie Scheiblberg) served as the first director of the Durango Arts Center from 1981-1988 and was one of the many founding members. She will end the talk with a second part discussing “Building Gathered Spaces – 2006-2014.”

Visit Madigan’s website to learn more about her work.


Deborah Gorton shows “Every Stitch Tells a Story” stitched mixed media
Opening reception Friday, September 19. A mixed media collage workshop will be offered during this exhibit.


Mariah Richstone displays “After” photo collage 
Opening reception Friday, November 7


Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 9.01.00 AM
Works from students of Louise Grunewald’s Solar Plate workshop.


Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 11.09.06 AM
February-April, 2014
Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik shows “Time Lines: Meditations in Cloth”

Lines created by the passage of time - somewhat erratic, always alluring; interpreted in cloth to celebrate subtle beauty in the natural world.


Susan Moss Collage

January 7 – February 25
“Improvisation: Restraint,” a collection of stitched drawings by Susan Moss

Moss is interested in integrating the spontaneity of drawing with the stitched mark, creating play between restraint that embroidery often requires and the improvisation that drawing invites. The pieces on display are not necessarily finished nor ready for display.


Felder von Iphofen

November-December, 2013
Louise Grunewald: “Postcards from Germany”


Anthony Holmquist: Recent Works

Anthony Holmquist, art professor at Fort Lewis College, will show his recent prints in September through October.

Anthony works in media including drawing, printmaking, collage, and digital/new.  He is also a musician who researches and interprets old-time music through the fiddle, banjo, and guitar.  He will be showing recent prints along with a video excerpt from New England artist Gina Siepel’s “A River Twice” – wherein Holmquist was invited to be a “guide” – playing fiddle tunes on Siepel’s traditional wooden work boat (called a bateau) while floating down the Kennebec River in Maine.



Ainsley Collage

Juanita Ainsley – “Fancy This”
Ainsley of Bayfield will exhibit her colorful and fascinating mixed-media works on paper.  Juanita recently won an award in one of the Art Center’s juried shows.

‘”I enjoy the challenge and freedom of using disparate elements in my work. One complete piece is a collection of many small works, each with its own unique characteristics regarding medium, degree of abstraction, size, colors, etc. They play off of one another with contrasts for tension and dissonance and commonalities for ease and resonance. The process is demanding and playful at the same time. There is an intentional childlike quality that derives from my appreciation of young children’s art.”

To learn more about the artist, visit Juanita’s website.


March–April, 2013

The art of John Brandi and Tom Leech