DAC MicroGrants

Apply for a 2017 MicroGrant

DEADLINE: February 27, 2017


Artists must be currently living and creating work in one of the five counties surrounding Durango, Colorado.  Eligible Colorado counties include: La Plata, Archuleta, Montezuma, Dolores or San Juan. Eligible New Mexico counties include: Ria Arriba and San Juan counties.

Artists of all media are invited to apply.

Funding may be applied towards artistic needs small and large, depending on the proposal.  DAC MicroGrants supports ambitious projects that embrace experimentation and focus on process, as well as emerging artist essentials, such as materials, supplies, professional development or website fees.

Awarded artists must wait 1 grant cycle (1 year) before reapplying to DAC MicroGrants.



DAC MicroGrants was established in 2014 as a funding opportunity for artists living and creating in Southwestern Colorado and rural counties of Northern New Mexico.  Understanding that a financial barrier is oftentimes all that stands in the way of an artists’ next critical step in their career, MicroGrants distributes ten (10) grants totaling $5000 to our regional artists, serving as a catalyst to further their work while living in our rural Southwestern communities.

No matter how ambitious or humble the proposal, MicroGrants aims to support innovation, creative development and maintain momentum in artistic careers.

This opportunity is open to DAC members as well as non-members.  In an effort to decentralize visual authority and support a diplomatic review process, DAC engages local community members and past grant recipients to evaluate applications and recommend awards each year.

 Read more about MicroGrants in the news.

DAC MicroGrants is made possible by numerous individual donors.

Past Grant Awards:

Artist Testimonials

CO_Cottonwood_Basin_20130820_TM_geoWith the DAC MicroGrant I received I was able to meet and exceed my goals. My initial proposal was for a sum of money that would help me produce a series of post cards with my digital collages on them. Since I received to grant I started my own website, and have expanded the inventory of available products for sale. The first batch of post cards did not produce a huge source of revenue, but it did get my name out, and gave exposure to my website, which directly lead to sales of larger, more expensive prints. The DAC program also gave me a great item to put on my artistic resume, which I believe was directly responsible for me receiving a spot in the 2015 CSArt Colorado program. This has been an awesome program, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.  | Chris Warren, $250 MicroGrant (2014) |

BaconThank you for the opportunity to have a DAC MicroGrant.  BACON was able to accomplish everything we wanted and more with our grant. The money we used allowed us to record and produce our album! By the end of the summer, we had already sold out our original batch of CD’s and been given countless opportunities to play new venues across Colorado and beyond based on our album’s success. This huge step for BACON would not have been possible without the generous help of DAC.  | BACON, $500 MicroGrant (2014) |

MinnaJainWith my MicroGrant funds I was able to access mechanization tutorials and 3-D rendering software for 3-D printing of objects for use in wearable sculptures. I was able to create two performance installations in Durango, one in August 2014 and one in May 2015 at the Durango Arts Center (Pivot Point), and set up two more in Denver for 2015 and 2016. Additionally, I was able to send wearable sculpture to shows in MN and Finland. I was able to pay my performers stipends, pay a stipend to my photographer/videographer, source unusual materials and pay for the transport of myself and my pieces to Denver for a showcase with galleries who have agreed to host performance installations.  | Minna Jain, $1000 MicroGrant (2014) |