2016 Press

February 26, 2016, “Questioning Authority,” DurangoTV

February 26, 2016, “Jeff Madeen: A man with something to say,” Durango Herald – David Holub

February 26, 2016, “New Exhibit Opens Tonight at Durango Arts Center,” PagosaDailyPost

February 25, 2016, “A local art legend,” DGO – Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

February 25, 2016, “All in the family,” Durango Telegraph – Stew Mosberg

February 24, 2016, “Durango Arts Center docents teach love of art to all ages,” Durango Herald – Ann Butler

February 19, 2016, “An unexpected winter theater festival,” Durango Herald – Judith Reynolds

February 18, 2016, “Art in Durango brightens Feb. doldrums,” Durango Herald – Cristie Scott (View from the Center Column)

March 25, 2016, “Colorado prepares to eliminate barriers for developmentally disabled adults,” Durango Herald

March 1, 2016, “Jeff Madeen Art,” 4CornersTV

April 22, 2016, “Printmakers Under Pressure,” Durango Herald – Katie Chicklinski-Cahill

April 14, 2016, “We’re building a center for creative community,” Durango Herald – Cristie Scott (View from the Center column)

April 5, 2016, “Press Release : Explore the Arts; Discover the Culture in Durango, Colorado,” DATO

May 26, 2016, “Paris, Milan… Durango,” Durango Herald – Katie Chicklinski-Cahill

May 26, 2016, “Juried art exhibit celebrates 40 years,” Durango Herald – Katie Chicklinski-Cahill

May 19, 2016, “Community’s support of the arts something to appreciate,” Durango Herald – Mary Puller (View from the Center column)

May 12, 2016, “A body of work exhibited at the arts center,” Durango Herald – Judith Reynolds

June 23, 2016, “Charlie Brown comes to Durango,” DurangoTV

June 16, 2016, “An invitation to check out the Durango Arts Center,” Durango Herald – Doug Gonzalez (View from the Center column)

June 9, 2016, “50 shades of satire at the Durango Arts Center,” Durango Herald – Judith Reynolds

June 2, 2016, “Durango’s multitude of camps can combat ‘summer slide’,” Durango Herald – Ann Butler

July 15, 2016, “Homegrown artist comes back for the summer,” Durango Herald – Alyse Neubert (View from the Center column)

July 14, 2016, “Journey to an inner landscape,” Durango Telegraph – Stew Mosberg

July 8, 2016, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” Durango Herald – Judith Reynolds

Photography: Self-expression we can’t live without
by Arista Slater-Sandoval, DAC View from the Center column
October 20, 2016, The Durango Herald

October 13, 2016, Durango Arts Center mounts intriguing exhibits – Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald

October 6, 2016, FLC, Arts Center stage contemporary plays – Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald

Arts Scene: Cutting edge
Jay Dougan’s DAC exhibit adds another dimension
by Stew Mosberg, The Durango Telegraph
November 24, 2016

Photos of the Week
The Durango Herald
November 22, 2016

Why is theatre important in education? Ask an elf!
by Theresa Carson, The Durango Herald
December 18, 2016

The art of exploring in 3-D: FLC sculpture professor shows new work
by Judith Reynolds, The Durango Herald
December 15, 2016

Gratitude abounds from Durango Arts Center and beyond
by Kathrene Frautschy, View from the Center column in The Durango Herald
December 15, 2016

Elf The Musical, Jr. opens at the Durango Arts Center
The Durango Herald
December 9, 2016