Animas River Series

Artwork by Caryl Goode

Entrada Gallery

April 26th – June 1, 2019

Artist Statement

When the Animas River turned orange in 2015, I witnessed the fragility of the river and its ecosystem. While our community reacted viscerally, I sought solace and inspiration watching the rebirth of the river. The ducks floated on its distorted surface, the deer brought their fawns to the banks for a drink and the fish continued to swim while the river flowed onward. Last summer, I was reminded of the river’s cleansing properties when the 416 Fire brought charred flooding to it’s banks. It is my hope that the Animas River drawings connect with the viewer’s personal relationship to the river.

Stylistically, my influence began as a child while studying the drawings from Olive Beatrice Miller’s 12 Volume Set. Later, during graduate school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, I majored in printmaking and graphic design while completing thesis work in the fairy tales genre. During this time, I focused on detailed line drawings with simple color palettes inspired by etchings and lithographs.

In 2019, the Animas River Series has brought a realistic and stylistic focus to my work. These 14 images are influenced by the sounds, sights and smells of life along the river banks. The character and vibrancy of each piece reflects the unique experiences I had along the Animas. As we live indoors, in cars and in front of screens, it seems that time spent enveloped by the river’s cleansing energy is vital to our spirits.

Most recently, I took part in a project at Miller Middle School to beautify the campus. One aspect involved the creation of a new mural for the Commons Area. I decided to use the ever present view of the La Plata Mountains as subject matter and took a series of photographs to create the scene. I worked out the drawing with a simplified color scale in the style of graphic design posters. I selected two students, Brielle Madrid and Sydney Pritchard, to collaborate with me on the painting. The experience has been expansive in several ways because it allowed me to work with a small team of students and take on a new style that was liberating and challenging. The quote by Mary Oliver gives students an uplifting sentiment as they pass by the halls.


After completing a MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, Caryl Goode spent the next years working in New York City and Woodstock, NY. In NYC she was Creative Director of a graphic design studio, Quad Left, Inc. Upon moving upstate, she continued to work with the Quad Left, in addition to freelancing in Graphic Design, Illustration and commercial Jewelry Design.

In 2000, Caryl moved to Durango, CO and attended Fort Lewis College in pursuit of a teaching license in both Visual Arts and Bilingual Education. After completing the programs, Caryl participated in Durango’s Pumas on Parade project where she designed and painted a Puma which is on display at FLC. She exhibited the Animas River Series at Maria’s Bookshop in 2016 and was asked to submit designs to
Shop VIDA, an online clothing collection, after a sales representative from San Francisco saw the show. Caryl currently teaches Visual Arts at Miller Middle School where she shares her artistic experience with students.

Years of running and biking along the Animas River in Durango has produced an affinity for all aspects of the river and life. These seasons and transformations have inspired Caryl to create the Animas River Series.