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Deadline to apply for 2018 residencies: February 9, 2018












Apply now for a 2018 residency at Willowtail Springs!

  • APPLICATION OPENS: January 11, 2018
  • DEADLINE: February 9, 2018
  • COMMITTEE MEETS: February 15, 2018
  • ARTISTS NOTIFIED: by February 22, 2018


Working in partnership with Willowtail Springs (Mancos, CO), DAC In-Residence supports an artists living and working in southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico.  This program is made possible by generous individual donors and New Face Productions, a volunteer committee devoted to raising funds for contemporary adult programs at DAC.

Residency award includes studio and living space at Willowtail for seven nights.  This opportunity does not cover food, material costs or any stipend.

The Durango Arts Center seeks to engage regional artists and deepen artistic diversity within our surrounding communities.  In order to promote the field of artist communities, DAC provides opportunities for the public to engage with resident artists through a special offering of the artist’s design such as a lecture, slideshow, pop-up exhibit, reading or performance.

If not currently a member of DAC, each artist awarded a residency will be also be given a complimentary 1-year DAC membership, which includes several benefits.

In addition to a private cabin, this residency at Willowtail offers a 600 sq. ft working studio space full of natural light and visibility of the natural surroundings. The studio is nestled in the gardens adjacent to the lake house overlooking the lake, gardens and small pool with fountain.

There is no fee to apply and this residency is open to DAC members and non-members.

New Face Productions is a proud sponsor of the 2018 DAC Willowtail Residency.

Past Residents



Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing Residencies in the Arts & Natural Sciences with Scholarship Support.  Outside of the residencies DAC funds annually for local/regional artists, Willowtail also awards 1-2 week residencies, making available to emerging and established practitioners from all over the world in the arts and ecology a stunning environment with a diverse ecology.

Founded and operated by artist Peggy Cloy and her husband, Lee, Willowtail is also year-round bed & breakfast.

2017 Residents

 Bethany Bachmann

Willowtail Springs Artist-in-residency embraces elements that draw me in on many levels – a supportive and nurturing environment, nature, time and space for exploration, and immersion in being and creating without the pressures of day to day responsibilities.

There are two primary focuses I would like to delve into during the weeklong residency.

First, I’ve started to incorporate thread, beads and twigs into my paintings. Time to experiment with these different materials and textures to discover how and in what way I can use them in my work would be very valuable.

Secondly, there is a body of work that has been in my mind’s eye. The thread would be around the Divine Feminine, embodiment of women and yin energy. After I complete this body of work I envision partnering with women who would like to express this theme in their way – whether through movement, dance, clothing etc. at a venue receptive to interactive art.

Visit Bethany’s website.

 Laura Schiavone

I am currently exploring the unique method of encaustic printmaking to create simple patterns that I then combine in a collage-type manner. I delight in my effort to make pieces of art that are aesthetically pleasing but also have encoded (political) statements that partially conceal the meaning of important messages. These patterns are inspired by both patterns in nature and subtle, yet recognizable symbols. I have always been fascinated with secrets, hidden “treasures”, cryptic and subliminal messages, codes and pretend languages. An early memory that I have as a child is watching my Grandmother skillfully write messages in backwards cursive writing for me to then hold up to a mirror to decipher.

I would welcome the time at Willowtail Springs to revel in the nature and peaceful quiet while putting into further motion the artistic statements that I am presently focused on. The artistic process is not something that easily fits into fractured periods of time.  My concentrated time there would be spent focusing on examining  the rich colors reflected in the environment at Willowtail Springs, capturing the patterns that I see in the  surroundings, piecing together the visual messages to communicate my political passions and making the leap to connect the emotions that are so powerful for me at this time.

Bronwyn Strickland

I am an emerging nonrepresentational painter working in mixed media. I create visuals for those who want to go to a place of awareness, to feel spaciousness and connection within themselves and others.

UPDATE (March 28, 2017): A few days ago I completed a week-long residency at Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve & Education Center in Mancos, CO.

Regarding the process of the painting that I brought into existence at Willowtail, Hidden in the Woods, I started with observing trees. On my first day I immediately found trees by the lake that were thin yet closely growing together. Despite their proximity to one another, I could still see through them and feel the breeze through them. On a personal level, I have been searching for the balance between being open and still being protective of myself. These slender trees along the water seemed to be the perfect picture of that, and so they went into the painting first. Non-representationally, of course!

View Bronwyn’s progress on Hidden in the Woods at left and read more about Bronwyn’s experience at Willowtail!

Visit Bronwyn’s website.


20MOONS is a local dance company that creates original choreography, music, and story. We are a rotating group of artists, so our size ranges from 2-8 dancers and 1-5 musicians depending upon the project.

We would like to use a portion of the residency for the two artistic directors of the company (Jessica Perino and Anne Bartlett) to have a condensed amount of uninterrupted time in which we can reflect upon, reconnect with, and rework the 20MOONS’ vision and process of creation.  Following this portion of the residency, we will invite dancers and musicians to join us for the remainder of the residency.  Following this portion of the residency, we will invite dancers and musicians to join us for the remainder of the residency.

A residency at Willowtail Springs will offer 20MOONS the much-needed opportunity to integrate more fully as directors and as a group, allowing us the time and space that is necessary to discover, incubate, and nurture fresh directions and ideas for the future.

Visit 20Moons website.