Board of Directors

DAC board meeting minutes are available upon request. Contact Brenda Macon, Executive Director, via email at Please use the subject line “Board Meeting Minute Request” and include in the body of your message the specific month/date of requested minutes, your name, phone number and any message you would like to include.



The Board of Directors convenes monthly on the second Thursday at 12pm at DAC.

Finance Committee:
John Lopez, Chair
Kenneth Duncan
Hunter Johnson
Greg Meckling
Bob Conrad
Fundraising Committee: 
Jesse Bopp, Chair
Chris Warren
Becky Woodbridge
Matt Payne

Bylaws & Policies

Financial Transparency

Board Alumni

Laurel Schaffer

Chris Warren

Erin Dale

Grace Damien

Anthony Savastano

Rosemary Juskevich

Carol Meckling

  • John R. Edens
  • Katie Kandarian-Morris
  • Melanie McLean
  • Joan K. Russell
  • Sydney Morris
  • Terry H. Stalker
  • Allison Andersen
  • Ginny Davis
  • Margie Deane Gray
  • Tim Kapustka
  • Marta Snow
  • Gary Goold
  • Petra Hinke
  • Cristie Scott
  • Stacey Stasi
  • Terry Swan
  • Joe Kusar
  • Derek Hines
  • Maureen May
  • Bobby Duthie, PC
  • C. Scott Hagler
  • Crystal Hartman
  • Rochelle Mann
  • Sandra Mapel
  • Diane Wildfang
  • Peggy Zemach
  • Amy Buchanan
  • Connie Imig
  • Diane Panelli
  • Cynthia Roebuck

Advisory Council

The following individuals hold specialized areas of expertise, and provide advice and general support to the staff and board of directors as needed.

  • John Anderson
  • Terry Bacon
  • Linda Bunk
  • Bob Conrad
  • Margy Dudley
  • Christina Erteszek
  • Sheri Rochford Figgs
  • Lynne Fischer
  • John Gamble
  • Steve Kiely
  • Mary Ellen Long 
  • Carol Salomon
  • Bill Vega