Shere Holleman: Resurrections 2

September 29 – November 18, 2017














September 29–November 18, 2017

September 29, 5-7pm


‘Materials and objects hold history, and sometimes collective memory. In their concreteness, you can “feel” it, or recall it from your past experience. There is something “there” there. I work with this in my assemblage pieces to create functional objects from things that have been discarded, or perhaps kept. When these materials are used in a piece of art, I feel that it is a way of honoring them for their intrinsic beauty or interest. Rather than being tossed (even something as simple as a wine cap), they can be turned into something else and have further use.

Art is a practice, for me, of presence in the making of objects and images. Every moment a mindful decision is made, and each day brings something new. And there is an intention that permeates each piece. . . sometimes gravitas, sometimes joy.’

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Shere Holleman has been a Colorado resident since 1994 and recently moved to a co-housing community named Heartwood, in Bayfield. Her media at this time includes: assemblage and sculpture from recycled materials, watercolor constructions, and collage. Her life and work have at their core a concern for the environment and how to live in alignment with our inter-connectedness and responsibility to one another and all beings.

Shere Holleman was most recently included in a group exhibit called the History of the Visual Arts in Boulder, CO (HOVAB) and Resurrections: Ecology and Economy, also in Boulder.

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