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Basic Human Forms

Mike Scieszka

Human forms are difficult to draw and paint. We move, tilt, bend, sit, walk, run and come in an eclectic flavor of heights, ages, sizes, hair and skin color.

Many artists are uncomfortable adding into their words human shape and movements because of variability. Further the artist has to portray our movements on a two-dimneswion, static canvas!

By avoiding human shapes, an artist is missing adding focal points, fun and interesting perspectives

To build techniques and confidence one needs a good understanding of average human proportions.

This class attempts to provide some straightforward examples and principles of human forms and proportions.

These principles have been used for centuries and more details are. easily found in human drawing instructional manuals and videos.

All you need for this class ism a sketch and and your favorite pen or pencils. (and practice, practice, practice…)


$50.00 – member price

$60.00- non-member price