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Intro to Photography – Portrainture Making People Look Amazing- by Mark Palmer

2 weekends, March 28th -29th and April 4th – 5th

Introduction: get to know your camera. Get to know your lens.

$240.00 – member price

$260.00 – non member price

Composition: Rule of Thirds. Fill the frame. Do not crop chins. Focus on eyes. Exposure Triangle. Get out of auto

Shutter speed – Freeze and Blur. Rule of mm. ISO- Low light and grain. Crop sensor vs Full (Pro) sensor. Aperture. Depth of field. Bokeh. Depth of Focus Field. Aperture. Separation of subject from background.

Zoom: Zoom with Feet. Zoom vs Fixed lenses

Portraiture- Putting it all together Hard. Clothing. Headshots vs action shots.

Tripods and monopods.

Natural Lighting. One, Two and Three lights.

Studio Lighting. One, Two and Three lights.

Application to video

Conclusion. Show off some of your best work!

What to bring, Students will need: DSLR camera. 1 lens with a 1.8 aperture or a 200 + mm zoom, I recommend a 50mm or 35mm 1.8 lens. They’re very inexpensive for amazing quality. (I use a 50mm / 1.8 most of the time.) A laptop or smartphone.