June 26–August 1
Opening Reception: June 26

Featuring live music by J.R. Cook

A photography exhibit curated by Joaquin Salazar, featuring James Cammack, Frank Comisar of Scenic Aperture, Margy Dudley of Open Shutter Gallery, Jonas Grushkin of Photogenesis Studio, Tim Hamza of Fourth Eye, Jeff Jessing of Nature Revealed, Kathy Myrick and Linda Pampinella of The Fifth Corner Photo Gallery and Dr. Ron Ritz, M.D.

A reprise, known most readily in music, is a repeat performance, similar to, yet different from, the performance on which it is based. Expanding on the conversation begun with last year’s EXHIBIT 970, EXHIBIT 970 REPRISE will showcase a collection of nine artists who are rooted and passionate contributors in the Durango community to highlight the history and breadth of the medium of fine art photography. Come experience this fine art and the conversation about the nature of our existence and our relationship to the world around us.

Featured Events

A Nature Photographer’s Journey to Durango
An artist lecture by Frank Comisar of Scenic Aperture 
July 11, 5–7pm
$5 suggested donation

Frank Comisar is the founder of Scenic Aperture and an award winning professional landscape, wildlife, and nature photographer. Frank has been photographing our natural world for over 30 years. Based in Durango, Colorado, Frank travels throughout North America making beautiful photographs for his Durango gallery and leading photography workshops. Comisar shares the stories of his work, his thoughts about nature photography and his motivation to capture and share images. Comisar will also share his journey as Chief Architect of his private firm to Fine Art Photography Gallery Owner. A story that is beyond inspiring.

Influenced by a previous career in Architecture, Frank’s images are well known for artistically depicting our three-dimensional world in a two dimensional medium. Frank learned early in his architecture career that “. . . the creative process is not a destination but a journey. It is a journey that includes research, planning, timing, technical skills, creative judgment, and a bit of good luck.” Frank’s success as a photographer is founded on these principles.

Learn more about Frank Comisar by visiting his website.

INDIA: The Heritage Collection
An evening exploring the photographic journeys of Ron Ritz, M.D.
July 18, 5–7pm
$5 suggested donation

TIME – LIFE Magazine B & W film photographer, Dr. Ron Ritz shares images and stories of India.  From the slums of Mumbai to the Himalayan foothills, Dr. Ritz has captured the depth of place on the streets and in the eyes of its people. ‘The Heritage Collection’ is currently in production and will be ‘the first’ photography book to be offered by Dr.Ritz. See a sampling of these stunning images as well as meet the artist during this must see presentation.

In this stunning collection of photographs taken in India, Dr. Ritz brings into full focus the truth of daily life in the slums of Mumbai, the opulent grandeur of the Taj Mahal, and the mysterious legend of life in the shadow of the Himalayas.  He brings us into the picture as we witness people in their homes, sees them manage life in the streets, and offers us insight into the stoicism of those whose existence is endured in some of the most challenging living conditions in the world.  The full spectrum of the human condition is captured from infancy to the aged with all their visual stories of life, love, and loss, in between.
The collection includes more than 100 images that have been expertly produced on RC paper printed by Dr. Ritz in his darkroom, and subsequently duplicated with infinite care in digital format by Joaquin Salazar.  This compilation not only serves as a testimony to the delightful diversity of people’s lives in today’s India, but also offers a body of work, which demonstrates the skill acquired through years of questing for excellence in execution by both Dr. Ritz and Joaquin Salazar.
Check out the write up on “INDIA: The Heritage Collection” on Emulsive: Film / Photography.