Jen Pack displays works embodying a space in the seam between painting and sculpture

January 8–February 20
Opening Reception: Friday, January 8,
Artist Lecture: Friday, January 8,
7–8pm (free)

This state of duality and the irregular shapes encourage conversations that examine perception and process. The work challenges the viewer to reconsider the artistic products associated with feminine craft while referencing masculine forms.  It has been described as an artistic oxymoron – both loud and quiet, sold and transparent, handmade and precise, delicate and aggressive, exuberant and restrained, formal and emotional. Learn more about Jen Pack at her website.

“For Jen Pack, color is as much kinesthetic as aesthetic. She feels it, almost as if she had synesthesia, the neurological condition in which people report “seeing” sound and “hearing” colors. Some might call her work sculpture, while others admire it as vibrant piecework; she sees it as fabric collage and thread work. But above all it is a tactile, three-dimensional expression of the intense way she experiences color.”—Rachel Shalet Crabb | American Craft Council, July 2013


Miss Straightjacket:
Or How I am Learning to Become Comfortable with Visi
Artist Lecture
Friday, January 8
7–8pm (following the opening reception from 5–7pm)
DAC Education Studio