Obedience, Conformity, Apathy…“It’s All Good!”

An exhibit by Father and Son – Bud and Jeff Madeen
February 26–March 26
Opening reception: Friday, February 26, 5–7pm
Artist Talk with Jeff Madeen: Wednesday, March 16, Noon–1pm

This exhibit joins two generations of artists to feature the work of father and son, artists Bud Madeen and Jeff Madeen. Bud presents a series of nine canvases titled, The Freedom Series, as a culmination of 25 years of work. Jeff will then provide his personal rebuttals to those pieces through new works of photography, wood block prints, multimedia sculptures, paint on canvas, installation and video. Jeff also invited several local artists to create tinfoil hats to be shown in conjunction with his show.

Bud started work on his Freedom Series in 1966, working on the weekends. He never really spoke to Jeff about the content or what drove him to make the art. “It was like he provided the work and the viewer provides the questions,” Jeff said.

Jeff has uncovered some answers to the questions in Bud’s work, and will be sharing his responses adjacent to each painting; the truth in the answers will get you to question your belief system.

Jeff’s work encourages the viewer to think beyond the obvious. Often politically charged and provocative, Jeff offers encouragement for us to think for ourselves, hone critical thinking skills and go where the questions take you, often in new directions, and to create your own conclusions.

Read or download the artist statement by Jeff Madeen : Madeen_Artist Statement

About the Artists


Harold “Bud” Madeen (left) studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. After graduating he worked in advertising in Elgin, Illinois.

Jeff Madeen studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. He has lived and created art in Durango since 1995.

Selected Exhibit Works

Jeff Madeen, Just Doing My Job, Video, 2016.

Jeff Madeen, OCA, Video, 2016.

Exhibit Tour by Jeff Madeen

Bud Madeen, Teenagers, oil painting, 1967.

“In 1967, Time Magazine predicted and U.S. Census Bureau reported, the most dominant age group in our country was teenagers. How the raising of, thoughts of, and direction of this single group will affect our country and the world in the future was the question. Now, after 20-some ears of hindsight, we’ve learned they wanted smaller families, computers, foreign cars and to have only the best of everything. And while they were once referred to as TEENAGERS, they are now called “Yuppies”. ”

Jeff Madeen, Rebuttal to Teenagers, written text, 2016.

Read or download the PDF : Madeen_Teenagers

Bud Madeen, Berlin Wall, oil painting, 1969.

“The symbols and saying of those times appear as graffiti on the dark side of this great, ugly wall which meant to divide people and philosophies of living. A simple bird’s nest in a stunted, gnarled tree symbolizes that life still goes on…there’s always hope.
Now 1991, the wall is gone…it’s history! The people it tried to divide are together and the builder’s house has crumbled along with the wall. Shall we never learn that people cannot be held in bondage, over-taxed, or have their freedoms legislated against? ”

Jeff Madeen, Rebuttal to Berlin Wall, written text, 2016.

Read or download the PDF : Madeen_Berlin_Wall

Bud Madeen, Women’s Lib, oil painting, 1976.

“A baby wrapped in our country’s flag, being nursed by its unwed mother who defiantly faces her task alone. A peace symbol worn around her neck, bare-chested, in blue jeans and sunglasses. Is she hiding behind the shades? Has she passed her inner thoughts and beliefs on to her child? Her baby is now 16 years old. Is she married now?”

Jeff Madeen, Rebuttal to Women’s Lib, written text, 2016.

Read or download the PDF : Madeen_Women’s_Lib

Bud Madeen, Assassination, oil painting, 1968.

“Our flag, like a pane of glass, is shattered, just as our country was shattered by the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinations. Only by divine coincidence was the painting designed with three bullet holes before the third assassination of Robert Kennedy. One wonders the reason behind these murders, and one wonders, too, about the final disappearance of a certain mafia labor leader whose fate was never know Perhaps his death was the ultimate seal of silence?”

Jeff Madeen, Rebuttal to Assassination, written text, 2016.

Read or download the PDF : Madeen_JFK

Bud Madeen, Vietnam, oil painting, 1970.

“Our country’s most revered war medals are being worn b the pregnant. young wife of a dead Vietnam war hero. So many stories written. Songs sung. Movies made. Lives ruined and lives lost. What more can be said…what more learned?”

Jeff Madeen, Rebuttal to Vietnam, written text, 2016.

Read or download the PDF : Madeen_Vietnam


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Opening Reception | February 26, 2016

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