Resident Groups

The San Juan Symphony strives to represent the Four Corners by presenting music that reflects the area’s mix of Anglo, Native American and Hispanic cultures. Local land, and the lives of the people who live on it, are the focus of thematic programs. Well-known classics are illuminated when they are performed on programs alongside contemporary and folk music. The Symphony has collaborated with area artists, both students and professionals, on projects that produce a synergy of the visual and musical arts.

Maureen May is a visual artist and thespian who also plays a mean fiddle, and works a day job as a paralegal.Her vast experience, spanning over 40 years, has morphed from figurative, to landscapes, to oils, to abstract, to monoprints, to assembled pieces and beyond. Maureen was honored in the 2013 DAC Sweethearts of the Arts gala, and she also serves on DAC’s board of directors.