Sue Buchanan

(1928 ~ 2014)

A Selection from 50 Years of Work

March 9 – April 21, 2018












March 9 – April 21, 2018

Friday, March 9 from 5 – 7pm

The Friends of the Art Library are pleased to present a solo exhibit of artwork by artist Sue Buchanan.


“Sue Buchanan seldom discussed what she meant to convey by a painting or why she painted the way she did.  She received a BA in Fine Arts, a Masters in Art History and liked to discuss those subjects, but left descriptions and impressions of her own work up to the viewer.  Milton Avery, one of the painters she most admired, when asked why he never discussed his paintings, remarked “Why talk when you can paint.”

Sue’s paintings are best categorized as “Abstract Expressionism.” It differs from realistic or figurative paintings in that the artist leaves out, or distorts, elements that would allow the viewer to fully comprehend the subject matter presented.  Some painters believe the omissions and distortions allow them to interject more emotion or conceptual feelings into their work than they could through a figurative painting. Sue’s intent seemed to be to create a pictorial effect she liked rather than introduce an emotional element or an ideological message.  The omissions or distortions also provide an invitation for the viewer to bring more of his or her own imagination and creativity into the viewing experience.  A common reaction is to not accept the invitation, but for those that do, the aesthetic result can be rewarding.” – Contributed by Garth Buchanan, husband of 64 years

DAC is grateful for the generous support of our exhibit sponsors who enable culturally innovative programs to exist in our community.  This show is sponsored by New Face Productions.

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